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Spirit Awakening Returns from Ghana, West Africa

In August 2019, SAF took seven of our students to Ghana, West Africa to participate in our Breaking the Chains - Never Again service trip commemorating the 400 year remembrance of the Atlantic Slave Trade. From visiting and donating supplies to a local children's center and to the elders and students at the Rita Marley Foundation and elementary school, to visiting the Elmina Slave Castle, and staying at the magnificent Zaina Lodge at the Mole National Park where we went on safari, SAF led our students in learning to understand the meanings of global citizenship, leadership and service. (Past participants of our previous Ghana service trips have included James Anderson and Esche Jackson among others).


"I want to see different aspects of this mysterious world we live in. Going on this trip will broaden my mind with knowledge of African culture. I want to learn more about my people. I want to learn more about the country and its history." - 2019 SAF Ghana Scholar











"It has always been a dream of mine to travel the world and experience different cultures. And what a better place to start my journey than Africa. Where culture and spirit is everywhere." - 2019 SAF Ghana Scholar

"Ghana will provide the opportunity to heal on a soul level and will give me knowledge and experience I can draw upon for the rest of my life." - 2019 SAF Ghana Scholar











"As a black person living America, I have been disconnected with my African roots. Like OSHUN said, you need to know what you come from in order to know where you are going. That is why I want to attend this trip to Ghana." - 2019 SAF Ghana Scholar



"I want to go to Ghana because I want to meet people from other cultures, try Ghanaian cuisine, and go on safaris. Visiting Ghana will allow me to learn about Ghanaian music, art, history, dancing, and help me to capture images of the beautiful rainforest, exotic animals, and the people." - 2019 SAF Ghana Scholar

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